SURIAN Jean-Baptiste (1670-1754) oratorien, predicateur, eveque de Vence (de l'Academie francaise).

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SURIAN Jean-Baptiste (1670-1754) oratorien, predicateur, eveque de Vence (de l'Academie francaise).
L.A.S. "Surian pre de l'Oratoire", Paris 7 September [1722], to Monseigneur; 7 pages in-4 (a corner a little gnawed without loss of text, small cracks in the fold, small hole by breaking the seal). Beautiful letter with a prayer before the next coronation of Louis XV (October 25, 1722). "I obey your orders, and send you the prayer I made on the day of St. Louis for the King; after having spoken of the Saint's so edifying death, I add. Before consummating his sacrifice, he called Philip his eldest son [...], he blessed him tenderly, and as if he had wanted by this prince to leave to France all his virtues, he said to him. My son, beloved God with all your heart, avoid his offense. If he fills you with prosperity, humiliate you, if he afflicts you, adore him; love your people and the poor; never make war without necessity; remember, my son, that the world passes by, and that there is no one strong but God. May these great words be heard from all kings; may they enter deeply into the heart of our august monarch, to whom his dying bizayeul repeated them with so much piety and tenderness... Then follows the invocation to Saint Louis, protector of the kingdom and the young prince of the same blood, "seated on the same throne, exposed in such a tender age to the same welcomes, may he offer France the same fidelity to God, the same love for her peoples," etc..., "May he be a new soldier of Jesus Christ, nourished for a short time with his flesh, soon to be consecrated by his anointing, to fight, to live, to reign for His glory"... 2 L.A.S. is attached as bishop of Vence, Vence 1745-1749, to François-David BOLLIOUD DE SAINT-JULIEN, receiver general of the clergy, in Paris (3 p. and a half in-4, addresses with a red wax seal on the arms), about the payment of the incomes of his abbey.
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