VERJUS Louis de (1629-1709) comte de CRÉCY,... - Lot 809 - Drouot Estimations

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VERJUS Louis de (1629-1709) comte de CRÉCY,... - Lot 809 - Drouot Estimations
VERJUS Louis de (1629-1709) comte de CRÉCY, diplomate et conseiller d'État [AF.1679, 22e f]. 2 L.A.S. and 1 L.S. "Le comte de Crecy" and "Verjus de Crecy", 1683-1697; 1 page and a half in-fol., 2 pages in-4 and 3 pages large in-fol. (small marginal lacks). Regensburg December 25, 1683, gallantly thanking an Highness for a gift of venison: "my wife almost wants to quarrel with me as much in V.A. as I am there [...]. But I insist that in this, no one must pretend to reach me "... Lille March 10, 1697, to Monseigneur [Cardinal de BOUILLON]. His eagerness to obey the orders of His Highness will always exceed the expression of his zeal, and Mr. de Sertes "will hardly be able to surpass the passion that I will have for all that concerns the satisfaction of V.A. and the interests of his House in the business situation where the King deigns to employ me... Delft September 22, 1697, to Monseigneur, co-signed by the three other plenipotentiaries: HARLAY, BONNEUIL and de CALLIÈRES. The day after the signing of the Treaties of Ryswick. The sacrifice of a few advantages bore fruit: Spain, England and Holland "finally accepted the King's offers [...] the day before yesterday, we signed three peace treaties with these three Powers and a fourth for trade with Holland"... This did not happen "without great movement on the part of the allies", but they had a great advantage in the King's power and moderation: "It is to this greatness of soul of His Majesty that we owe all the honour and all the credit; for by setting limits for Himself in the midst of His prosperity, to give peace to Europe, He has done so in such a glorious and brilliant manner that it seems to have served as a loyalty to His enemies... We enclose 3 P.S. (2 on vellum), 1699-1700: constitution of annuities and receipts.
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