SAINT-EXUPÉRY (Antoine de)

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SAINT-EXUPÉRY (Antoine de)
Autograph of the Plaidoyer en faveur des enfants de France. [circa 1941-1942?]. 7 p. on 6 ff. in-4 (27.9 x 21.6 cm) of American "Gilbert Dispatch Bond" wove paper, black and blue ink. Autograph draft of an important unpublished plea. This beautiful humanist text, in its virulent verbosity, fits perfectly into the Writings of War. It is addressed to those who "fight against Germany" without taking into account the future of future generations which must nevertheless be safeguarded. "Whether you like it or not, it is a death sentence or a pardon that you have to pronounce. The juror of a court in France does not have the right to shirk the duties of his office. He is often invested, against his will, with the power to decapitate or pardon. Now here you are, in a way, the jurors of the world. You are today the jurors of the children of France. Didn't you want that power? You are invested with it all the same. You're that walker in front of the fire. Finally, I would add that it is not indifferent to provoke by this rescue a tremendous movement of love. What mother will understand that you are fighting against Germany by condemning French children to death? It is essential for the world of tomorrow to keep this love. And now you who are on the jury will decide." The first page deals with a patent for a transmission process: "If, on the contrary, we permute, for example, between them at a certain frequency, ten permutations per second, the direction of the current in the deflectors that horizontally steer the cathode ray [...]". On the back of the same page are pen essays and the first words of a letter: "Dear friend, how are you?". PROVENANCE: Sale, Paris, June 15, 2010, No. 263. Some browning, central fold.
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