An impressive collection of postage stamps... - Lot 515 - Aguttes

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An impressive collection of postage stamps... - Lot 515 - Aguttes
An impressive collection of postage stamps from all over the world contained in two large red volumes with Yvert & Tellier stems from 1840 to 1935, the date of his death, made by Alfred DREYFUS (1859-1935), with an inventory in his hand drawn up in October 1930, according to the catalogues Yvert & Tellier 1931, giving a total of 28,230 francs of the time and taking into account only stamps with a value of more than 10 francs. Each volume bears the dedication ''To the children of my dear daughter, Jeanne P.P. Levy, their grandfather Alfred Dreyfus.'' P.P. being the initials of the first name of her daughter's husband: Pierre Paul Levy. The first volume is dedicated to Europe and the second volume to the other continents, like all collections of the time. Unfortunately, many mint stamps are partly stuck, or badly fixed to the pages. The Europe collection includes some good mint values from Germany, with the IPOSTA block of 1930, and the pair Zeppelin 1.Sudamerika fahrt 1930; and in France the Caisses d'Amortissement, the Pont du Gard and the Poste Aérienne n°1 and 2. The old CHINA is very well represented and quite surprising, no ''Candarin'', but the new series n° 7 to 15, 16 to 25, 26 to 28, n° 29, 30, 30A, 31 and 32 in mint, the n°32 1$ with the serration cut at the bottom (normal, the stamp coming from the bottom of the plate) Numerous new issues from the local Treaty Ports Posts: Amoy, Chefoo, Chinkiang, Chungking, Foochow, Hankou with series 26 to 30, Ichang, Kewkiang, Nanking, Shanghai and Wuhu, which is well represented. The French Guiana page, although only eleven stamps of low value, is highly symbolic. The set also includes four very interesting stamped envelopes: a registered letter from Brussels dated September 28, 1899, a registered letter from Mulhouse (Alfred Dreyfus' home town) dated October 9, 1899, both addressed to Alfred Dreyfus at the home of Mr. Valabrègue at Carpentras, where he had gone to rest after the trying trial in Rennes and his pardon on September 19, 1899. Joseph Valabrègue, husband of his older sister Henriette, was the brother-in-law of Alfred Dreyfus, and it was on his property that he lived his first days of freedom in the fall of 1899. The third registered letter from Cayenne dated June 16, 1934, is addressed to retired Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Dreyfus, 7 rue des Renaudes, Paris XVIIe. The fourth, from Lima, Peru, dated August 22, 1898, is addressed to Señora Luisa G.v. de Dreyffus (sic) in Paris, without indication of address, is sent back to Chatou with an arrival stamp of October 7, 1898, the sender having made a mistake in his first name, the real first name of Alfred Dreyfus' wife being Lucie. This collection, which has remained intact since his death in 1935, reveals a totally unknown aspect of Alfred DREYFUS' life : his passion for philately. Until the end of his life, he meticulously collected stamps from all over the world, a way to forget the years of suffering he went through. The collection of a whole life, both exceptional and tragic. The DREYFUS Affair, which had considerable political and military repercussions in France, was to make the name of Alfred Dreyfus famous throughout the world.
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