APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918)

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APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918)
Manuscript of the poem "Adieux" by Guillaume APOLLINAIRE probably in the hand of Baron MOLLET, composed around 1900, 3 pages in-4 and published posthumously, in 1925, in the collection Il y a, edited by Jean Royère, director of La Phalange. This manuscript corresponds to a version slightly different from the one in the collection, which was published in the Mercure de France, n° 646 of 15 May 1925, with seven variants listed in the notes of the Pléiade edition of OEuvres poétiques d'Apollinaire, p. 1112. Manuscript of the poem "Adieux", probably in the hand of Jean Mollet, known as Baron Mollet, Apollinaire's occasional secretary, with the title inscribed in Apollinaire's hand and several corrections. 14 quatrains in alexandrine verse (out of 15) on the fronts of 3 in-4 sheets (237 x 207 mm) on letterhead printed in blue of the "Café Terminus / Gare Saint-Lazare / Paris", in black ink, with the title "Adieux" as well as two word changes in Apollinaire's hand: 1st quatrain, verse 1: addition of 'futurs (barré) nouveaux'; 5th quatrain, verse 2: 'longtemps' instead of 'à toutes'. The last quatrain is missing, which was probably intended to appear on a fourth leaf. On the verso of the third leaf, Apollinaire's draughtsman and friend André Rouveyre has inscribed these late words in blue ballpoint pen relating to the present poem: "Apollinaire loved railway stations, the places where we meet... where we leave each other... the brasseries... Many of his poems he wrote there... This one reminds me in the aspect of the commercial paper with its vignette, so many of his manuscripts from Nîmes in 1915 a few years later... / André Rouveyre / January 1950". At the top of the first page, an excerpt from Carmina Burana, originally intended as an exergue, has been crossed out; opposite, this note in pencil in the poet's hand: "in the direction of the 12 poems / to place the last of the love poems to Linda".
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