ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)

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ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)
Hourrah l'Oural, autograph handwritten poems from the first part of Hourrah L'Oural. 48 pages in-4.
1932-1933. Red morocco, smooth spine decorated with the letter A repeated five times, mosaicked in black morocco, top board covered with Soviet symbols mosaicked in plum morocco and white box, and the title mosaicked in green morocco, semis of letters A mosaicked in black morocco, covering both boards, black box lining and endpapers, gilt head, folder, case (Paul Bonet, 1946)
Precious collection of autograph manuscripts of the first part of
Hurrah the Urals, the ten poems composing the chapters Flying Capital and Magnitogorsk. The complete autograph manuscript of the first draft, its cleanup, as well as the manuscript of an article published in L'Humanité in January 1933 under the title: Saison d'Asie. The whole has been classified by the author himself with titles and autograph table. Hourra l'Oural was published in May 1934 by Éditions Denoël. Drafts of Hourrah l'Oural (incomplete).
20 pages First draft manuscript with many unpublished passages and one page of drafts, also unpublished, with a pencil drawing. Tourists in the Ural Air (f. 1 recto); The Ural Speaks,
Small Ahuristic Dialogue (f. 1 verso); Waltz of the Chelyabtraktrostroy (ff . 2-3);
More Words in the Air (f. 4 recto); Drafts and sketches (f. 4 verso);
Zlatooust (ff . 5-6), with some autograph marks added by the author himself to facilitate the reading of the manuscript, the stanzas not being in order; "VII. Vains regrets of a vanished time" (f. 7), "Tue bien le
Tzar" [published under the title 30 April 1918] (f. 8); Diamond Diary (fragments), "IX. Suite les regrets", poem of 20 stanzas, crossed out and not included in the published version (f. 9); I give the bosses the day off.
Hurrah the Urals, poems. 1932-1933. 40 pages, autograph manuscript in ink on various papers. Some words erased.
Asian Season (summer 1932). 10 pages. Autograph manuscript including a typescript paragraph. Report on cinematographic and theatrical shows that Aragon attended during his trip. It was published in L'Humanité on January 20 and 27, 1933 and remains "the only surviving piece of the reportage" (Postface to the Ural). An ideological journey. "This poem, written in 1933-1934, when the trip was made in 1932, replaced the "reportage" that was expected of me, the day after this trip to the confines of Asia. (...) But it seems to me, with more than forty years of hindsight, that the Ural landscape has lost everything in moving from the initial prose to this versification of memory. (...) A true hymn to the industrialization of the Urals, this collection was inspired by a trip to the "Wild West" of the Soviet Union from April to September 1932. The trip was organized by the Soviet regime to promote the great works being carried out in the region. Following his break with the Surrealist movement, Aragon spent a long time in the Soviet Union.
The only autograph manuscript of these texts remains unknown to this day. It could not be consulted by Olivier Barbarant for his edition of
OEuvres poétiques d'Aragon published in the Pléiade in 2007. ...
Exceptional set.
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