ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)

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ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)
Autograph letter signed "A" to Louis EMIÉ, Nice, Good Friday [April 1942]; 1 page in-4 in ink.
Aragon writes to Louis Emié, French writer and poet (1900-1967). He is looking forward to the Fontaine review in order to read the sonnets Emié has just written. He ends his letter with a quick summary of the new novel he has started, Aurélien. Aragon gives him his opinion on the "sonnet" as a poetic form. He praises du Bellay, Chrétien de Troyes "who is sometimes as great as... should we say Rimbaud? Aragon is in Nice,
He misses Paris. He tells her about the novel he is writing: "It's called 'Aurélien' so far, and maybe not forever. An epigraph from
Chrétien de Troyes: Amants ne savent ce qu'ils font will perhaps tell you more about the book than I would. This is related by the characters to
Beaux Quartiers (Edmond Barbentane) and Les Cloches [de Bâle] (Diane de Nettancourt), and even Les Voyageurs [de l'Impériale] (Blaise d'Ambérieux).
This is not a political novel. It is a love story.
The other post-war period, with the intellectual background of the time, and the disillusionment of the veterans of Dadaism. "How poor it is when you summarize. (...)». Strangely, he evokes Antonio Machado, as if he were still alive, whereas the latter tragically died in exile at
Collioure in February 1939.
This letter certainly dates from April 1942, since it was at that time that Aragon began writing Aurelian. Aragon and Elsa Triolet stayed in Nice from December 31, 1940 until their arrest on June 25 while trying to return to Paris and the Resistance writers. The police released them and they returned to Nice on November 16, 1941, where they remained until November 1942. In April 1941, Le Crève-Coeur was published, which Aragon mentions in this letter, and which marked his return to poetry.
Founded in 1938, the review Fontaine took its definitive name in the spring of 1939.
It appeared monthly from Algiers from 1941 until December 1944, then from Paris until 1947. This review "of the resistance in the light" brought together committed poets such as Aragon, Artaud, Cocteau, Max
Jacob, Ponge, Soupault and Jouve.
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