ARTAUD ANTONIN (1896-1948)

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ARTAUD ANTONIN (1896-1948)
Autograph letter signed by Antonin Artaud to André ROLLAND DE RENEVILLE, dated Paris, January 4, 1933; 3 pages in-4.
Letter about the conference held by Rolland de Reneville at the
Sorbonne on December 22, 1932 (L'Expérience poétique), and about Heliogabalus.
He left after the conference "...because the public was offending me and I know that you are not close to a handshake. In several places you have had sharp, happy formulas for defi ning poetry...".
He comes to his diffi culty: "For me, I've come back to the life of my fellow men after an atrocious cure, which also taught me something, many new things about myself and about everything.
For years now, I've been swinging by my side, separated only by expression from the possibility of touching, of manifesting serious things; and when I say "expression" you understand that I'm not putting myself on the level of that anybody who would have genius if he could express what he thinks. It would be necessary to be able to determine geologically regions on the increasingly evolved and solid planes of inner thought, and to specify a little the terms of our discourse, to get out of this monstrous confusion [...] Apart from that I am working on a "Heliogabalus" and for the first time I also felt myself writing as I always feel like speaking..."
Published in OEuvres Complètes, Gallimard, t.V.
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