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Autograph letter signed to Charles DESHAYES [Copenhagen 5 May 1949]; 4 pages in-folio, envelope preserved.
Beautiful letter. "My dear Indignant - You will never be tired of it nor of being revolted by such or such racial or racist imposture ! genealogical ! It will pass you by! Read Lot's Naissance de la France, a serious book. And let's not talk about it anymore. Or Hubert's Les Celtes, you'll tell me about it! ...And may Guitry's heraldry amuse you again! Great God ! He probably doesn't know himself where he comes from ! Depending on whether he was with the Bernheims or the Abetzs he must have changed his lineage ! That's a good joke. I could find 50 people in Paris ready to certify that Guitry is a name stolen (at what time) from the musketeer who assassinated or attempted to assassinate the Maréchal d'Ancre! Denoël had 50 stories of this order in his babble! But yes, I have read 4 Ans d'occupation (4 Years of Occupation) - it shows that
Guitry was a Resistance fighter - I don't mind" ... He tells of the comical origin of the arms of the Marshal of Bezons, a commoner; it was Tallemant who sold the fuse. "All this is not worth hammering in the head! The Guitryterres must be of the same vintage. Barbey was never called d'Aurevilly!
What does it matter! - More serious is that I'm going to go to the pot soon. My file has been forwarded to the Gt. Wurmser,
Aragon, Lecache will surely have their say. I will be fried. How I would have kept quiet if I had known!
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