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2 L.A.S. "yours H." and "your son Henri", September-October 1892, to HER MOTHER, Countess Adèle de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC; 7 pages in-12 with the figure FL (purple ink), and 3 pages in-8. On the end of his holiday, and his aunt and cousins Pascal. [Taussat] 13 September. "My dear Mother, Your doubts about the future do not produce too disastrous an impression on me, given the miseries I see. The Paschals (this is us) will only go away from Soulac expelled. They owe their hotel and board. [...] I think that then the family will not have the cynicism to let them be prosecuted and convicted, and that my poor aunt will be spared the shame of the correctional system. That is my unvarnished impression. You must admit that it would be ungracious of us to moan. - The worst thing is that Louis has fallen ill with nervous cramps, and that after a month's rest at St Gratien with the good Gaston the company will be obliged to buy him a typewriter. All this is not a joke. Bourges has had competent people check him out, and I am afraid that the poor fellow will become quite impotent; that will make you a lady's companion. Finally, it is better not to darken the future too much, which is naturally enough and without additional dye. He will come to Malromé about the 25th with his friends Viaud and Fabre, and asks that lodgings be prepared. "Tell me how to go about drinking and eating. Fabre would like to see the country and is a friend of the purchaser of Respide. I can't refuse him, he's too kind"... Paris Tuesday morning [October]. "My dear Mother, You MUST send my aunt's balance to the hotelier at once, asking for a receipt, specifying that it is my aunt's personal account that you are paying. - Paul and Juliette are in Paris, - and Joseph and my aunt are only waiting for the above payment and my aunt's travel money 100 francs, a hundred francs which you will send her directly with the address of the convent you like where she is ready to enter. I will take her there myself. So everything is going as you wish. Hurry up and get it over with and give me orders... Correspondence (ed. Herbert Schimmel, 1992), nos. 243-244, pp. 202-203.
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