ANNUNZIO Gabriele d' (1863-1938).

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ANNUNZIO Gabriele d' (1863-1938).
2 L.A.S. "Ariel", May 22-23, 1923, [to Angèle LAGER]; 4 pages in-fol. each with vignette with her motto Io ho quel che ho donato; in French. Beautiful love letters to a "little sister". [These two letters date from the maturity of Gabriele d'Annunzio. He lived then on the Garda lake in his villa of the Vittoriale. Having passed the sixty, this unrepentant seducer had conquered in 1923 the young Frenchwoman Angèle LAGER, born in 1901, who was in the service of Marguerite d'Espaigne, a mature, cultured lady, who also owned a villa on the lake, Il Rimbalzello. Overcome with passion, he obtained from Mrs. d'Espaigne a small apartment in her villa in order to join more easily the young woman. When Mrs. d'Espaigne returned to France, Gabriele d'Annunzio installed Angela in his home; but this presence aroused the jealousy of Luisa Baccara, the writer's housekeeper and mistress, who finally sent her away in 1925. These letters date from the beginning of their affair, when, after having spent the night in the villa of her lover, Adèle left for the villa of Madame d'Espaigne. The poet signs them with the pseudonym Ariel, after the enchanting spirit in Shakespeare's The Tempest]. May 22, 1923. "Sweet little sister, after your departure, this morning, I began to suffer a new torment. I will tell you. I spent heavy hours of waiting - and also of cunning, alas! - until the evening. I did not have the cruelty to call you to share my pain. But this sweet letter from you assures me that you have guessed my sadness. What winged voluptuousness could have leaped from our sadness! This morning, near the mystical fountain which accompanied our emotion with its melodious distillation, you had another mouth, other eyes, other hands, another skin, another smell. And from the fraternal tenderness seemed to emerge I don't know what incestuous lust that a deep trembling ennobled .... I believe that, in this memorable hour, I possessed you, in an almost Eucharistic way. My soul comes to you. But won't your transfigured flesh come to me this night ? I am waiting for you. I tremble"... May 23rd. "Dear little sister, I was thinking this morning, when I woke up, that "once upon a time" there was a tyrant with persian eyes, who enjoyed tyrannizing a very old tyrant... Do you hear me well? There was something wrong, the other night, on the carpets of my room and under the dear stars. So please stay among the forms of my melancholy. And my melancholy is an enduring material. I envy you your drawings and your color studies. Your art is exquisite like the lines of your feline grace. Thank you. Farewell, little sister, and forgive me, once again, my visible and invisible French mistakes"... An autograph note is attached: "È severamente vietato di entrare, e di battere alla porta" (It is formally forbidden to enter and to knock at the door) (1 page oblong in-8, vignette of the Squadra di San Marco).
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