APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918).

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APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918).
MANUSCRIT autograph "Louise Lalanne," Women's Literature and Poems by Louise Lalanne, 1909; 41 pages in-8 mounted and inserted in strong paper sheets; plus pages from magazines ; the whole bound in an in-8 volume, bound in almond green morocco, spine and boards decorated with black fillets forming rectangles framing a golden star, and leaving in the center of the first board a large rectangle decorated with a composition of black fillets and golden fillets, both radiating with a mosaic of dark green, havana and orange morocco, lining and endpapers of gold and silver paper, gilt head, folder and case (Paul Bonet) Important meeting of the manuscripts published under the pseudonym of Louise Lalanne, in a beautiful binding by Paul Bonet. For Eugène Montfort's magazine Les Marges, Apollinaire will write a column of "Littérature féminine" which he will sign with the pseudonym of Louise Lalanne, from January to October 1909; to give more personality to this woman of letters, Les Marges and two other magazines will publish poems by Louise Lalanne. The deception will be revealed in Les Marges of January 1910: "Louise Lalanne was not her real name and, in reality, she was of the male sex. A famous lady of letters whom we had asked to speak here about women's books, gave us the idea to do it ourselves, by affirming to us that a woman would never venture in this perilous enterprise. We knew of Guillaume Apollinaire's flexible and intelligent talent. We asked him if he would agree to disguise himself as a woman for a while. The idea amused him and he accepted. But the best jokes are the shortest. And then, a criticism, even fanciful, of the female literature, really that can have only one time... Today Guillaume Apollinaire takes off his wig, his bodice and his petticoat". We have here the manuscript of four (out of five) of Louise Lalanne's chronicles of Women's Literature, most of them written on the back of stock exchange orders of the Société Générale de Banque. There are numerous erasures and corrections, and variants from the published text. - Female literature (12 pages). First article, published in January 1909. "I would never have thought that one day I would be asked to say what I think of the women's books which are more and more numerous. [...] One day I began to write verses because I liked it, because they came naturally to me and perhaps also because I was bored. [...] In short, there are at the moment among women some writers of genius. I spoke earlier of Mme de Noailles and I will always be grateful to her for having revealed to me a new and immense ocean of poetry [...] And in spite of this gratitude I am a little angry at Mme de Noailles for being so concerned with resembling the classics. [I feel the same way about Gérard d'Houville [...] But I don't believe that Colette Willy is less talented than them, but she scares me. I feel that she is French, but she surprises me like American women when I meet them. I tell myself that she must be charming, but too independent. [Judith Gautier and Marcelle Tinayre, who are very learned, seem to me to be striving to look like men. I find them too little women. It seems to me that they are members of the Institute or curators of a museum"... But as for Renée Vivien, "her verses and her prose have an ideal purity, an immaterial sensuality which makes me think of the lilies whose perfume is so violent". The article ends on a virulent criticism of Aurel... - Female literature. Colette Willy, Lucie Delarue-Mardrus (15 pages). Second article, published in March 1909. Beautiful praise of COLETTE and the Vrilles de la vigne, and virulent criticism of Lucie DELARUE-MARDRUS and her Marie fille mère, "novel as miserable as the heroine". - Female literature. Jane Catulle-Mendès (5 pages). Third article, published in May 1909. Praise of Mrs Jane Catulle-Mendès : " There is not at this moment among men a poet as noble, as purely moving, as this enchantress "... In a postscript, Louise Lalanne harshly rebukes André Ruyters who had taken her "rudely to task". - La Littérature féminine jugée par deux hommes (6 pages). Fourth article, published in July 1909. About the works of Jules Bertaut, La Littérature féminine d'aujourd'hui, and of Jean de Bonnefon, La Corbeille des roses ou les dames de lettres. The fifth and last article, from October 1909, about Marcelle Tinayre, is not included here. Follow 3 poems of Louise Lalanne, published in Les Marges of March 15, 1909 (n° 14), each one on a page and each one signed "Louise Lalanne"; they will be collected in 1925 in Il y a, but only Chanson would be of Apollinaire, the two others having to be allotted to Marie LAURENCIN: - The present one (20 verses): "If you want I will give you M
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