FEYDEAU Ernest (1821-1873).

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FEYDEAU Ernest (1821-1873).
2 L.A.S. "Ernest" and "E. Feydeau", 1851 and n.d., to HIS WIFE; 8 pages in-8 and 1 page and a half in-4 (slightly split at the fold with small repairs). Long letter of reproaches to his first wife, while he is in a delicate financial situation, after bad operations in the Stock Exchange. [Feydeau had married in 1847 Inès Blanqui (1827-1859), daughter of Adolphe Blanqui. After the premature death of his wife, Ernest remarried in 1861 to Léocadie Zelewska, from whom Georges Feydeau was born] Paris 24 August 1851. While he is in the "tears", he receives from his wife a letter "hard, severe and dry [...] Where it should feel, you reason, you abuse my wrongs to hit me with your merciless logic. [You tell me that when a woman's heart is filled with noble feelings, there are no sacrifices she does not know how to make to avoid that her husband's honor or rest is engaged. And immediately afterwards you refuse me this sacrifice that I ask of you. [...] If my wife, whom I have been seen to cherish and fulfill for four years, only knows how to impose on herself sacrifices that are obligatory for her, and does not hold out her hand to me first [...], you who say you love me and whose duty it is to always support me [...], who knows if one day, once we have both come out of our discomfort and embarrassment, we will not bless my folly, which will have caused me to be taught a lesson, and my wrongs, which will have brought about complete frankness between us from now on? [...] You have captivated me with your charms, bind me with your heart, and let us suffer two years if necessary, what is two years in life? I will have twenty left to pay you...". Luchon, August 24. On his stay in the Pyrenees, his long walks, where he meets the locals and strolls from village to village, buying souvenirs for his wife: "I bought for you a variety of velvet ribbons and a beautiful carpet of flowers. I have picked the little flower that you will find here in the woods, right on the border. [...] Don't worry about my health, I am fine. The diet, the fresh air, the distraction of the walks, all that has restored me"...
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