GIDE André (1869-1951).

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GIDE André (1869-1951).
Autograph notebook, and SET of 12 autograph MANUSCRITS; 24 p. in-12, and about 30 pages, mostly in-4. Autograph notebook, not used in the Diary (in-12, blue paper cover, 24 p.). It opens with notes dated Karlsbad, July 17, 1934: "Characters who would only express commonplaces; ready-made ideas and ordered feelings, in formulas consecrated by usage. The public would take this at face value, if I did not oppose to these puppets some authentic beings, not yet blunted by life. They declare that they can't stand these lies any longer, and push themselves to revolt. There are also fragments of general reflections on religion, mystics, literary judgments, and a dialogue between father and son... - Autograph draft for La Nouvelle Éducation sentimentale (1 p. in-4), corrected draft for Gide's first novel (1898): "He was sitting in front of his notebook but could not find anything to say. He felt his heart and soul empty"... - Presentation of the unfinished novel Charles Blanchard by Charles Louis-Philippe (1 p. small in-4, following a text by another hand, and 2 p. in-4), [1913], comparing Philippe's posthumous fate to that of Chardin: "What is it that makes this painting by Chardin, as it ages, seem to concentrate more and more, while the painting of those to whom his century assimilated it disintegrates; these painted with ease; Chardin may have difficulty. Then: "Influences - not in the manner of those literati who go through influences as clowns go through hoops. No, he immersed himself in each one as in a bath from which the organism comes out at the same time similar but enriched with new salts"... - Extract from his Notes on Chopin (1931; 1 p. in-8). "And just as Bach wrote for the "well-tempered harpsichord" - nothing is better tempered than the piano"... - Bill to Angèle (4 p. in-4), dated "Saint Louis du Sénégal, March 24" [1936]. "Yes, I was silent when Henri Heine was celebrated. The reason for my silence yesterday, I can tell you today. It is true that Heine charmed my adolescence"... - To the big words the small remedies (8 p. in-4 on orange paper), with over-title in pencil Visit of the Interviewer. Manuscript of the imaginary interview written in Tunis (published in Le Figaro of May 30, 1942), dialogue between Him and Me, about Ulysses by James Joyce: "Beware: Joyce is an Irishman. Ireland is the country of jokers" .....- Interviews Imaginaires. Metrics and Prosody (3 p. in-4). "My interviewer had been replaced that day by a young man of his friends"... (published in Attendu que..., 1943). - For the Imaginary Interviews, on the art of the novel (2 p. small in-4). "I will confess to you that there is one thing in the novel that bothers me even more than "the marquise went out at five o'clock", it is all the "he thinks", "he imagines himself"... - For the Interviews imaginaires (2 p. in-8, pages 9-10), on heroism. Gide mentions Franc-Nohain Jean Paulhan (published in Attendu que..., 1943). - On History (1 p. in-4): "The experience of History does not instruct so much, that it does not sink each one in its sense"... He condemns the "neo-Bolsheviks" and "their dictator Stalin". - On GOETHE and his dramas (for the preface to the Theatre of Goethe in the Pléiade, 1 p. in-4). "Without any break in the rhythm, the iambic examinations follow each other with a monotony, an equality of course which would be unbearable in French on the pattern of Racine's hemistiche"... - Preamble to a reading of Thésée (1946, 1 p. in-4). "I wrote in my Diary that what had aged most in me was my voice"... - On Argentina (3 p. in-12). "Of what are made the sympathies that are established from people to people, from country to country [...] Let us congratulate the Noticias gráficas that bring you the occasion to proclaim, French, your friendship for the Argentine Republic " ....
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