HUGO Victor (1802-1885).

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HUGO Victor (1802-1885).
5 autograph MANUSCRITS, [1869-1877] ; 5 miscellaneous sized leaves. Set of "shavings" for his poetic work. [Hugo called these "shavings" (the term appears on the back of the first sheet of this set) the pieces of paper on which he threw the first drafts of verse, which he then crossed out once he had reused them in his work] For the Nouveaux Châtiments (composed around 1869). 19 verses on a page in-12, with the title "Copeaux" on the back, with erasures and corrections, crossed out with two lines. "You will not escape. Do what you want. Have yourself, in the courtroom and in the sacristy, sing a Te Deum by way of amnesty By Troplong, courtesan and Sibour, courtier, Hide under the yes of the poor peasant Who only knows the ploughshare, the spade and the sickle. What does it matter! My book shoots you at point-blank range"... For All the past and all the future [written in 1854, published in 1877 in the new series of La Légende des Siècles, XIX]. About twenty verses on 1 page in-12 (11,5 x 13 cm) on bluish paper, with erasures and corrections, crossed out with two lines. "They brave the ocean full of magnificence, Where float the mystery and the omnipotence; They make on the irritated flood They defile the irritated abyss, Without taking heed to the wind which is exhausted in hooting, They raise their banner in the middle of the clouds, These flags of the immensity"... For the poem January 2, 1870 in Les Années funestes (posthumous edition, 1898, part LVIII), more than fifty verses thrown on the front and back of two strips of laid paper (14 x 31 and 16 x 35 cm, cut out at the top of the first one), partly crossed out. "One does not sell Pinard as one would sell Lola. Will you make buy very expensive by the Khedive Suin walking in the woods his sickly beauty? Rouher in woman, certe, would have a lot of appas, But make me Sultan, and I would not like it "... For the poem A President in Les Années funestes (piece XXV), about 25 verses thrown on 2 strips of paper (10 x 21,5 and 10 x 33 cm), including a fragment of a leaflet of The Social Progress Association. "Is it my fault that his name is Brunet? [...] His trestle seems noble next to his praetorium. [...] We have a president and an ad hoc Brunet"...
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