HUGO Victor (1802-1885).

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HUGO Victor (1802-1885).
ÉPREUVES corrigées, Les Misérables (Imprimerie de J. Claye, 1862); 8 volumes in-8 (22 x 14,4 cm), paperback, red half-chagrin sleeves, blue morocco linings, spines, lined cases (Loutrel). Proofs for the French edition of Les Misérables, corrected by Auguste Vacquerie and Paul Meurice. As is often the case with Victor Hugo's work during his exile, the first edition will appear almost simultaneously in France, with Pagnerre, and in Belgium, with Lacroix. While Hugo himself corrected the Brussels edition, he entrusted the correction of the French edition to his faithful friends Paul Meurice and Auguste Vacquerie. These first proofs are presented in sewn notebooks, under covers from the Imprimerie de Jules Claye, rue Saint-Benoît, with the handwritten address of Auguste Vacquerie, 21 rue de l'Est. They are numbered, from the "3rd volume" to the 10th volume. They bear date stamps from April 11 to June 21, 1862. The first two volumes are missing, corresponding to the first part: Fantine. We have here the last 8 volumes of Les Misérables, from the Second part : Cosette, to the Fifth part : Jean Valjean, corrected by Auguste Vacquerie and Paul Meurice. 3rd volume, Part Two: Cosette, books 1-4 (April 11); 4th volume, books 5-8 (April 23); 5th volume, Part Three: Marius, books 1-5 (April 29); 6th volume, books 6-8 (May 5); 7th volume, Part Four: The Idyll, books 5-8 (May 6), Fourth Part: L'Idylle rue Plumet et l'épopée rue Saint-Denis, books 1-7 (May 21); 8th vol. books 8-15 (June 2); 9th vol. fifth part: Jean Valjean, books 1-4 (June 11); 10th vol. books 5-9 (June 21).
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