[HUGO Victor (1802-1885)].HALLAYS André (1859-1930).

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[HUGO Victor (1802-1885)].HALLAYS André (1859-1930).
MANUSCRIT autograph signed "Un Hugolâtre", L'Enterrement de Victor Hugo, [end of May 1885]; 10 pages in-fol. Long and witty article brocading the spectacular funeral of the poet. "Victor Hugo died on the twenty-second of May at one hour and twenty-seven in the afternoon: at the precise minute when he breathed his last, one of the attendants stopped the Louis XV cartel, hanging on the wall of the mortuary room. At twenty-eight o'clock, the fools of literature and the clever politicians who had dishonored the poet for fifteen years, by exhibiting him as an old man-phenomenon, asked themselves how they could dishonor his memory. They searched and this is what they found. For the artist who recreated the French language in the 19th century and gave it forces of expression unknown to him, they dreamed of a splendid funeral: they imagined that behind the coffin of this prodigious writer would walk all those in France who owe him a debt of gratitude, all the writers, all the artists, all the literati. It would have been an admirable spectacle that this procession made of all the illustrations of France, crossing Paris in the middle of the respect of the multitude and leading Hugo until the Père Lachaise, where he would have rested, mingled until death with this crowd whose living he liked the coudoiement. Such a funeral would have been great and worthy of Victor Hugo. So there could be no question of it. The trestles were set up, the parade was sounded and the party began... Etc.
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