PROUST Marcel (1871-1922).

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PROUST Marcel (1871-1922).
L.A.S. "Marcel Proust", [10 March 1912], to Jean-Louis VAUDOYER; 7 pages in-8, envelope. He thinks of him often, and he "takes the step" of writing to him. "I received a charming card from you which made me very happy, and your friend Monsieur Jaloux, whom I admire without knowing him, was also part of the pleasure you gave me. I then wrote you a dispatch. And not knowing in which city you were both [...] I looked in the whole of Paris for your address and believing that it was at your home, it was undoubtedly at your father's that I sent my valet to ask in which city you would be the next day, so as to be "touched" by my dispatch. Now the person whom my valet saw seemed to be unaware of your trip because he answered that it was rather in Jouy-en-Josas that I would find you. Jouy-en-Josas is too far from the beautiful places from which you had the charming thought of writing to me for me to believe that he was not mistaken. I have waited. I have had a thousand troubles which have not distracted me from thinking of you but which have absorbed the tiny amount of strength I have to write. And so you must have thought me forgetful and ungrateful (and even more so Mr. Jealous, who has so many reasons to think so, even though he is one of the few writers I really admire) when I owe you such lovely pleasures. And I am not speaking at this moment of those which, as a public, I owe you, but of those particular attentions which you have had for me, such as sending me a card from a Rome like that of Stendhal's time, or this last card whose memory has kept me noble and encouraging company. Forgive me therefore my silence - silence charged with remembrance"... Correspondence, t. XI, p. 5.
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