VIAN Boris (1920-1959).

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VIAN Boris (1920-1959).
2 autograph MANUSCRIPTS, Claire étoile du matin, and Le Labyrinthe, [1947 and 1951]; 26 and 37 pages in-4. Two translations of American short stories by Boris Vian. Claire étoile du matin, by the Afro-American novelist Richard WRIGHT (1908-1960) was published in 1947 in the magazine Présence africaine. This tragic story takes place near Memphis, at the time of segregation; a black woman is tormented by the sheriff who seeks to arrest her son: "Your dirty negro son is somewhere around here and we intend to find him," says the sheriff. If you tell us where he is and if he talks, maybe he'll get away. But if we have to find him, we'll kill him... Something inside her burned, made her perceive the greatness of her victory and her freedom; her heart tried to translate the bitter hours of her life into words so that they would realize that what they had done to her was nothing and that she could endure much more... The manuscript, in blue ink, on two sheets of squared paper, presents numerous erasures and corrections. The Labyrinth, by the American science-fiction novelist Frank M. ROBINSON (1926- 2014) was published in Les Temps modernes in October 1951. The manuscript, in violet ink, presents numerous erasures and corrections (breaker holes). The story takes place on the planet Venus, where two men try to get out of a labyrinth where they got lost.
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