CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand (1894-1961).

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CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand (1894-1961).
Autograph manuscript for D'un château l'autre (1957); 47 pages in-4 (27 x 21 cm). Important fragment of a first version of D'un château l'autre (novel published by Gallimard in 1957). The manuscript is written in blue ballpoint pen on the front of Navarre watermarked sheets. The number of the sequences is written in red pen. We have here sequences 5 and 6 (corresponding to pages 50-61 of volume III of the Pléiade edition), paginated from 82 to 111 and 112 to 129 (pages 83 and 120 are missing), plus the first page (199) of sequence 4 of another version (Pléiade p. 45). This manuscript is abundantly corrected, with very many lines crossed out, resumptions and multiple erasures with modifications. The text is very different from the final version, with many unpublished passages. Céline, from his house in Meudon, laments his miserable situation, enraged about France and the French, which he observes with a critical eye. The view from his pavilion brings back memories from the beginning of the century; he talks about his patient Mme Niçois... Let us quote page 84 (to be compared with the text on p. 51 of the Pléiade), where Céline explains that he has not been forgiven the Voyage; without it, "the vanities would have remained silent... ticklishness! I won, I won everything! the Nobel and the rest! at the present time when I speak to you the Billy would make me grip the Mauriac kif! and all others! Tartre would not know where to put his tongue! I would stick it in my asshole, his tongue! and he would be in heaven! positively recreated! and then what would they put in the Figaro! and in the Huma! I beg your pardon! forliches on forliches! my books would be snatched up in all the haberdashers!... I would make my 500 bags per month only from Voyagsky! my crime is to have dared to make noise, to have wounded the vanities, born in Courbevoie... one does not pass anything, of Courbevoie! has one the idea!".... 5 pages for Nord of the sequence 8, pages 109-113 (p.329-330 of the Pléiade) are joined.
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