COCTEAU JEAN (1889-1963). autograph manuscript,... - Lot 48 - Drouot Estimations

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COCTEAU JEAN (1889-1963). autograph manuscript,... - Lot 48 - Drouot Estimations
COCTEAU JEAN (1889-1963). autograph manuscript, [presentation of the film Le Sang d'un poète, 1932]; 8 pages in-4 on 8 cardboard sheets (25 x 22.5 cm). Notes for the presentation of his film Le Sang d'un poète, before its first screening in the Vieux-Colombier theater on January 20, 1932. Le Sang d'un poète is Jean Cocteau's first film, made in 1930 thanks to the patronage of the Viscount of Noailles. The premiere had been scheduled for November 30, 1930, but, arriving just after the scandal caused by the screening of Luis Buñuel's Golden Age, it was deprogrammed, Charles de Noailles, already producer of Buñuel's film, did not want to risk exposing himself again. It was only on January 20, 1932 that Cocteau was finally able to present his film to the audience at the Vieux-Colombier. For his presentation before the screening, Cocteau had these cardboard notes in front of him, numbered from 1 to 9; some of them are a simple outline; but on the important points, they are more written. In particular, he is reproached for making poetry: "Poetry - reproach of poetry. Film with episodes. Everyone felt the poetic state. Mourning, fatigue, fire - drowsiness - the mind begins to associate something other than ideas, memories - to marry monsters. This is not poetry, but it comes close. [...] Poetry must be taken by tricks. I will give you some of them. 1° Set nailed to the floor. 2° Blind Lee Miller. 3° Realistic children for the destroyed statue". It would not be easy to recount the film. "I could give an interpretation of my own - symbolize after the fact on allegories and enigmas"... But "you have to let the film act like the wonderful music that accompanies it and all the music in the world - to give anonymous food to our emotions and memories. Find in each of you the meaning of this film and I will have reached my goal"... Etc. Provenance : Carole WEISWEILLER.
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