CORNEILLE Pierre (1606-1684) et Thomas (1625-1709).

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CORNEILLE Pierre (1606-1684) et Thomas (1625-1709).
P.A.S. "Corneille" by Pierre CORNEILLE, also signed "Corneille" by Thomas CORNEILLE, Rouen July 18, 1652; 1 page in-4 of a bifeuillet of paper sewn into a notebook of 4 leaves in-4 of parchment; bound with another similar notebook (portrait engraved by J. Lubin attached). Precious and rare unpublished document, signed by the two brothers Pierre and Thomas Corneille, and written entirely in Pierre Corneille's hand. [At the end of 1640 or at the beginning of 1641 (the promise of marriage was signed on June 23, 1640), Pierre Corneille married Marie de LAMPÉRIERE, daughter of the lieutenant particular of Andelys; on July 5, 1650, Thomas married Marguerite de Lampérière, sister of Marie. The two households lived together from then on, leaving their goods in community: "It was only one same house, one same servant; finally, after more than twenty five years of marriage, the two brothers had not yet thought of sharing the goods of their wives, and this sharing was only made by an indispensable necessity, at the death of Pierre Corneille" (Claude Gros de Boze, Éloge de Thomas Corneille). The present document follows the death of Mathieu de LAMPÉRIÈRE (1590-1645), which occurred in Andelys on April 15, 1645. Pierre and Thomas Corneille, "Escuyers Advocatz au Parlement de Normandie heritiers au droit des Damoiselles Marie et Marguerite de Lamperiere nos femmes du deffunt Me Mathieu de Lamperiere vivant Escuyer Coner du Roy et Lieutenant au Bailliage et siege presidial d'Andely", constitute as their special prosecutor Robert Le Maire, ploughman, living in Tourny, "for the purpose of giving adveu in our name of all and each of the heritages due to our wives by the death of the aforementioned sieur de Lamperiere their father situated in the aforementioned parish of Tourny that the aforementioned Robert Le Maire holds at present has farmed".... On the back, Pierre and Thomas Corneille have again countersigned this document, which was sewn into a parchment book (8 pages in-4), expedition of the confession of goods and heritages (12 in number) held by Pierre and Thomas Corneille in the seigneury of Tourny (Eure) depending on Claude Poucher, widow of Louis de Pellevé, lord and marquis of Bourris, Tourny, le Saulsay, Vaudancourt, Estry, Fragilieu, La Tour de Chaulmont, etc. (a second copy of this confession is attached to this one). The documents of Corneille's hand are of the greatest rarity. 19 letters and autograph documents have been listed by André Pascal [Henri de Rothschild] (Les Autographes de Pierre Corneille, 1929), of which only one letter has been sold publicly (the others all belong to public collections), to which must be added a few rare signed documents, and this autograph document, which was found in Andelys.
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