LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).

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LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).
autograph manuscripts; 140 pages in-4 or in-fol. 7th advice to the people. On atheism in the People (59 pages in?4, badly numbered with errors 1-69, signed "Lamartine"), published in Le Conseiller du Peuple (October 15, 1849): "I have often asked myself: why am I a republican? why am I a supporter of a fair democracy [...] why do I have a true, serious and sometimes tender love of the people? [...] I love the people because I believe in God"... Bundle of 26 pages in-4 of a fragment, for the History of the Restoration, paginated 2 to 27: "[...] to impose to him by force could we make him accept them by astuteness and weariness? We did not believe it; and if we were mistaken we glory in our error. There are degradations of which one is proud not to have been able to suspect his country. However since 1834 the French revolution lost at the same time institutions inside, positions outside"... He concludes: "We have the mistake to take the freedom the Revolution and the greatness of our nation seriously. It is a mistake but it is a mistake that history will share with us. Let us not complain too much about it". Bundle of another fragment of 33 pages, paginated [97] to 308 with gaps: "I repeat, by neglecting the small causes and the small things, here! here is why we are Republic and why we cannot unless to dominate become again in this moment monarchy!"etc. 4 pages in-fol. (pag. 2 to 5), preparatory notes on TALLEYRAND: "End of M. de Talleyrand under Louis-Philippe becomes again a very great man at 80 years old - harvests the fruit of all his life and of all that he did and thought of good during 40 years" .... Notice sur la vie et la mort duc de Gramont, [1855] (17 p. in-4, cut for printing in 51 pieces numbered in red pencil, fragment 12 is missing) Provenance: archives of Saint-Point.
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