LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).

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LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).
7 autograph MANUSCRITS signed "Lamartine," 1851; 159 pages in-4. Set of political articles, especially for Le Conseiller du Peuple, including two unpublished ones. "In temporarily accepting the political decision of the newspaper Le Pays, I have accepted two duties"... (dated Saint-Point September 11, 1851; 15 p.). The Proposal of the quaestors (25 p.): "Quos vult perdere Deus dementat. The word is as true and as terrible applied to the assemblies as to the Kings"... [November 13, 1851]. On the Majority (28 p.): "At the so serious moment when the majority insists morally against justice, prudence, repair and necessity that the President of the republic proposes to him, it is important for the country to make a very thorough and clear account of what it is that the majority is"... [November 17, 1851]. On the abstention of the minority in the discussion of the municipal law (22 p.): "The great thoughts come from the heart, the great lights come from the conscience. The minority of the Assembly had these great thoughts and these great lights in the vote on the incendiary proposal known as of the three quaestors"... With a L.A.S. to La Guéronnière to be inserted at the head of the article (1 p.). [November 22, 1851]. 49th Council to the People. How one saves one's country and how one loses it (30 p.): "When a sudden, unexpected, complete revolution, that one has neither conspired nor known in advance, bursts like a thunderbolt in a loaded sky"... [November 29, 1851]. Two unpublished articles. A note on the envelope containing them indicates: "2 articles written for Le Pays, which could not be inserted because of the events which suppressed the political writing of the newspaper; December 1851". - About the transport of the political convicts to Nouka-hyva (16 p.): "We do not like the opposition. It is more often the chicanery than the lesson of the governments"... - Of the language of the government in the tribune (20 p.): "It is with a deep sorrow that we hear since a few days the words of the government and especially those of the minister of Justice every time he goes up to the tribune"... Provenance: archives of Saint-Point.
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