LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).

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LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).
autograph manuscripts (fragments); about 80 pages in-4 or in-fol. Fragments of speeches: on the question of the Orient, the treaty of 1840, the policy of Soult and Thiers, Mehemet Ali (38 p. in-4, pag. 7 to 44); on the Church and the State, the freedom of souls, Tocqueville (7 p. in-4, pag. 41 to 46); 6 fragmentary pages. Plus a copy by Paul de Saint-Victor of a quotation from the abbot Galiani annotated by Lamartine: "question de la Presse - impôt sur le papier". Note by Lamartine on his negotiations with the financier Mirès (1 p. in-4), plus a minute of a letter to Mirès by Marianne de Lamartine, and a note by Valentine de Lamartine : "Conversation of business of Mr Mirès and Mr de Lamartine on Wednesday 13 July 1855". "Notes pour la biographie de Mr Flye" (5 p. in-fol.). On beauty and realism (6 p. in-fol.). Fragment (draft) of the reception speech at the Académie française (April 1, 1830), with the biography of Pierre Daru (4 p. in-fol.). Draft (5 p. in-4, pag. 75-79) of a draft preface to Confidences. Draft for Le tailleur de pierres de Saint-Point (1 p. large in-fol., pag. 120). Les Devoirs civils du curé, for Les Foyers du Peuple (7 pages in-fol.) Fragments manuscrits (12 pages large in-fol., discontinuous numbering) on God and creation, humanity, the religions of India, Job... 12 pages of fragments of various sizes. Attached : - a set of 17 folio pages with some autograph notes and printed pages inserted, certainly in view of a Preface for a new edition of the Harmonies or a collection of his poetic works : resumption of his Avertissement des Harmonies, with some autogr. additions (p. 37-38- 39-40) ; resumption with some corrections and autogr. additions of the printed Commentaries of several Harmonies (p.76 to 100); plus a Commentary on the 7th Harmonie (dictated, pag. 190-191), and 3 ff. with printed repeats of the poem Milly (pag. 192- 216). - A printed excerpt of pages from Le Retour du jeune homme dans la famille, strikethroughs by Lamartine, for a small edition of Lectures pour tous. - Stories for the Foyers du Peuple by the hand of Marianne de Lamartine): two stories, including Corinne populaire and anecdotes (13 pages in?4). -File of about fifty pages of fragments of manuscripts dictated or copied (in part by Marianne de Lamartine) on Phidias, architecture, the trip to the Orient, etc. - File of historical notes, partly by Marianne de Lamartine (ca. 90 ff). - Plus various late copies. Provenance: archives of Saint-Point.
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