[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869)].

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[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869)].
Family archives, 16th-19th century; arranged in 12 large bundles. Important set of archives of the de Lamartine family, and of its ancestors. Estienne Alamartine (†1656) judge-mage and captain of the abbey of Cluny. About 135 documents (parchment and paper, 16th-17th c.), concerning also his grandfather Benoist Alamartine and his father Pierre : business papers, acquests, sales, exchanges, farm contract, judgment, receipts and discharges, proceedings, royal act; marriage contracts with Aymée de Pise (1601) and Anne Galoche (1629); donation to the hospital of Cluny by Philibert Litaud (and his will); contract of reception of his daughter Magdeleine to the Visitation monastery of Mâcon; documents concerning the abbey of Cluny (folder annotated by Alphonse de Lamartine). Letter of filiation in the congregation of Saint Benoît (1637); and gift of a relic to the Capucins of Mâcon (1686). Philippe-Estienne de Lamartine (1633-1684), lord of Hurigny (son of the preceding). 25 documents: will, titles of nobility, marriage contract. Marriage contracts of his son Jean-Baptiste and his daughter Ursule, and of his grandson Jean-Baptiste with Anne de Lamartine de Montceau (1735). Jean-Baptiste de Lamartine (1642-1707), lord of Lachenal and Montceau, councilor at the baillage of Mâconnais, alderman in Mâcon (brother of the previous one). Approximately 200 miscellaneous documents or letters (1442-1707), mostly about J.-B. de Lamartine (and the Albert family), including: his marriage to Françoise Albert, note of his funeral, note of his daughter's pension, Abel Albert papers (his father-in-law), contract of Françoise's first marriage Albert with Philibert Verjus; lawsuits, miscellaneous papers, etc. Philippe-Étienne de Lamartine (1665-1735), seigneur de Montceau (brother of the preceding one). About 150 documents (1672-1739): receipts, rents, lawsuits, receipts, marriage contract, wills, documents concerning his sisters and his uncle the canon François de Lamartine, etc. François de Lamartine (1677- ?), canon and dean of Saint-Pierre de Mâcon, brother of the preceding one. 2 L.S. from the cardinal de Fleury addressed to him (1731). Louis-François de Lamartine (1711-1797), lord of Montceau, des Granges, La Tour-Mailly, de Montculot and Quemigny (son of Philippe-Étienne, grandfather of the poet). - Letters addressed to him or concerning him: 5 L.S. from Louis XV (secretary), 1733-1757, and 6 L.S. from Louis XVI (secretary), 1784-1787; one L.S. from Louis-Joseph de Bourbon prince de Condé, one from Saint-Florentin (1757), one from the count of Tavanes (1769), and one from M. d'Argenteuil (1778), to represent the nobility of the Maconnais (and a copy of the speech of the prince of Condé at the opening of the Estates General of Burgundy 1775); letters of attachment for the oath of fidelity of the land and seigneury of Montculot (1776); plus 2 receipts from the bishops of Saint-Claude (1741-1788), and a L.S. from the count of Argenson to the S. de Montherot (1749). - 5 large files: - rents, receipts, leases, lawsuits (1726-1795; about 120 docs.); - proceedings concerning his lawsuit with Brice Barjot de La Combe about a donation to L.-F. de Lamartine by Mme de Genoud née Descrivieux (1758); - about 180 documents (1738-1795): procedures, acts and various documents, accounts, impositions, memoirs, affairs of the Jura, certificates of residence and non-emigration, etc. about 200 documents (1792-1898): accounts, receipts, forced loans and contributions, diploma of the Free Society of Agriculture, Sciences and Arts of Autun, convocations of the National Guard of Mâcon, contracts, affairs of the Jura (in particular the hospital of Saint-Claude), lawsuits, arrears, sales and purchases, family divisions, correspondence, wine accounts, scientific and literary works, file on the deportation of the priests to Saône-et-Loire, his succession (inventories), etc. - about 215 documents (18th c.): marriage contract with Jeanne-Eugénie Dronier du Villars de Prat (1749), Dolard lawsuit, inheritances, military papers, participation in the fitting out of ships for the black trade with the captain of Kerbiquet in Nantes, important family and business correspondence, etc. François-Louis de Lamartine (1750- 1827, son of the preceding one, uncle of the poet). Correspondence, from him or to him (43 letters, 1796-1826), notably on the settlement of Alphonse's debts in 1819; about 60 pieces or bundles (1780-1826), business papers, lawsuits and annuities. Affaire de la succession Alix (maternal family of the poet), also concerning the Dollard and Duvillars families (of Saint-Claude and Morez), file constituted by Louis-François de Lamartine (grandfather of the poet), 1716-1789. About 130 documents. Letters and motions concerning the lawsuit Alix-Dollard, summons of Mme de La Martine née Dronier for usurpation of a donation from her paternal great-uncle Alix (1778). Will of Jean-François Alix. Archives, correspo
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