[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869)].

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[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869)].
Approximately 210 documents concerning his properties, 16th-19th centuries. File on the lands and properties of Lamartine. Milly. Approximately 100 documents, 1597-1824: papers concerning the land of Milly, trials, leases, taxes, etc. Concession of the land of Milly to Pierre de Lamartine, papers concerning the families of Originy, Cherrelette, Noblet, de Rocheboron, Michon, lord of Beryé, etc. Plus an Atlas of the Milly property belonging to M. Alphonse de Lamartine (on a sheet of 6 large leaves plus assembly table), by Révillon fils. Monceau. About 55 documents, 1538-1794: parchments and papers concerning the land of Monceau or Montceau(x). Purchases and sales, transactions, procedures; acquests for the Jacobin monks of Mâcon (1583); contract for the sale of services by the abbot of Cluny (1601); letter from the bishop of Mâcon, Michel Cassagnet de Tilladet, authorizing the saying of mass in the chapel of Monceau (1717); minutes of the blessing of the chapel (1768); leases and contracts with farmers, etc. Architect's project for the construction of a study, annotated by Lamartine (1845). Montculot. About 150 documents, also concerning the lands of Saint-Pierre de Lanques, Péronne, Champagne and Carruge, 1701-1826. Account book; plans; procedures, requests and sentences, contracts and acquests, shares, sales and exchanges, amazage, leases and tenancies, confines of the land of Champagne with the abbey of Tournus, terrier of Saint-Pierre de Lanques and Péronne (1658), cultivation system, etc. Note on the castle of Montculot, with printed plan. Attached: 4 watercolor plans by the architect Quenot (1776) for the construction of hotels for the countess Duvillard and Mme de Lamartine, canonesses of the noble chapter of Salles en Beaujolais; a watercolor plan for the construction of a library for Alphonse de Lamartine in Florence by G. Silvestri; and the watercolor plan of Lamartine's colony in Burghas-Owa in Turkey by Luigi Storari (1851, canvas, 58,5 x 81 cm, small accidents). Provenance: archives of Saint-Point.
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