[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).] Patents,... - Lot 144 - Drouot Estimations

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[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).] Patents,... - Lot 144 - Drouot Estimations
[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).] Patents, diplomas, souvenirs and relics. Diplomas and official letters. - Appointment as mayor of Milly (1812), signed by the prefect Roujoux. - Certificate of reception as bodyguard on July 1, 1814, signed by Philippe de Noailles, prince of Poix (Nov. 15, 1815). - Letter of attribution of the order of the Polar Star (Stockholm 1844). - Diplomas of membership of the Academic Society of Medicine of Marseille (1846), of the Political Club of Elberfeld (1848), of the Athenaeum of Provence (1852), of the Filosalpine Society, Society of the Christian Friends (Gap 1857), of the Society of Mutual Aid of Rouen (1860), of the Academic Society of Maine-&-Loire (1861). - 2 Arabic diplomas. Orders of knighthood (in a white skin bag). - Legion of Honor (1825): 2 L.S. from the secretary general of the Order Saint-Marc (April 19 and May 31, 1825, plus 3 blank forms). - Order of Merit of San Giuseppe (July 27, 1827), Lamartine is appointed "commendatore": beautiful BRIEFING signed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II (annotated by Lamartine on the back); plus L.S. from the chancellor prince Corsini; and L.S. from Marshal Macdonald, authorization to wear the decoration. - Constantinian Order of St. George (Parma August 15, 1828): beautiful BREVET signed in the name of the duchess of Parma Marie-Louise by the count Sanvitale (vellum in-plano with seal in its metal case). Plus L.S. from count NEIPPERG, announcing the nomination; letter of dispatch by baron Werklein; and 3 L.S. from marshal Macdonald, for authorization to wear the decoration. Photographs. - Beautiful portrait of the poet in his habit, wrapped in a velvet coat, hand in the vest (by ADAMSALOMON), wooden frame imitating bamboo (25,5 x 20,5 cm at sight). - Lamartine on his deathbed, glass plate with the inscription: "February 28, 1869, 10:35 p.m.", by ADAMSALOMON (11,2 x 9,8 cm, in case); plus copper printing plate of Lamartine's visiting card). Souvenirs and relics. - Box with some souvenirs from Naples (from Graziella?): 2 mussel shells, a "sunfish eye", a cockade, a pious image on cloth to wear as an amulet. - 27 envelopes containing locks of Lamartine's hair, 1841-1869 (most annotated by Marianne de Lamartine "cheveux d'Alphonse"), plus one from his mother, in vellum-backed folder and case. - Brown leather portfolio with cold decoration, with some miscellaneous papers, including a copy of the delivery on February 24, 1848 to the mayor of the Xth arr. of the "flag which surmounted the throne at the Palais des Tuileries"; and a black chagrin pouch containing some envelopes (some annotated by Lamartine or his wife) containing relics of Marie Alacoque and of the Blessed Buffalo, of the "Prison of the Tasse", a sanctified rose of the Mount Sinaï, locks of hair of Marianne de Lamartine and her mother, 2 metallic feathers of Lamartine, etc. - A small notebook with 2 locks of hair. - A small notebook of poems by Marianne de Lamartine (verses copied in French, English or Italian or noted by friends, in-12 rel. red half calf with corners decorated). - Patent of Foreign Orders authorizing Miss Valentine de Glans de Cessiat to wear the decoration Lady of the Order of the Chapter of Saint Anne in Munich (1858, signature of Napoleon III). Drawings and engravings. A box of drawings : "Drawings of Mrs Alphonse de Lamartine and Mrs Valentine" (many sketches, plus some engravings). - A box of engravings (portraits of Lamartine and others). - A suite of engravings by Alexandre de BAR inspired by Le Lac (in a worn publisher's portfolio). - Peter von CORNELIUS, Entwürfe zu den Fresken der Fiedhofshalle (Leipzig, G. Wigand), 2 titles and 11 plates, with a.s. pencil lettering to Lamartine, Berlin May 28, 1848 (defects, stains and tears). - Poster of the Constitution of 1848 (poor condition, tears). Provenance: archives of Saint-Point.
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