[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).]

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[LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869).]
Archives of the de MONTHEROT family, XVIIIth-XXth c.; several hundreds of letters and documents in 2 big boxes. Ancestors. Pierre de Montherot (1687-1791), lord of Béligneux and Montferrand, captain of the Burgundy guards: promise and marriage contract with Suzanne Chirat (1716); his son Pierre de Montherot de Montferrand (†1775): marriage act with Jeanne-Sybille-Philippine de La Martine (1756); will of Jean-Baptiste de La Martine (1781); acts concerning his brother Jean-Baptiste de Montherot de Craz (1784-?)... Pierre de Montherot (1757-1798), owner of Saint-Point. Property deeds, deeds of sale, leases, purchase of the fief of Craz, etc. Marriage contract with Mlle de Riverie (1783); marriage contracts and wills of his parents-in-law. Inheritance agreement; death certificates. Acts concerning his daughter Françoise-Jeanne-Marie (1786-1805). Jean-Baptiste de Montherot (1784-1869), married in 1821 Suzanne de Lamartine (1880-1824), general councillor of the Ain, president of the Academy of Lyon. His passport (Berlin 1800, signed by Beurnonville). Contract of his first marriage with Antoiniette-Marie-Louise Degraix widow Montaland (frimaire XI). Letters of knight of Saint-Louis (1827). Diploma of the Society of Sciences, Arts and Belles-lettres of Macon (1829). Letters to his son Jean-Charles (1852-1859, ca. 120. 9 letters from Marianne de Lamartine to her "dear brother" Jean-Baptiste (1832-1849 and n.d., including one from Cyprus on August 30, 1832); plus other letters from relatives and friends. Notes for his memoirs (Lamartine, Malibran, Mandrin, etc.). Jean-Charles de Montherot (1822-1862) minister plenipotentiary in Baden, married Noémie Blanc in 1849. University diplomas, military papers, appointments to the Legion of Honor (officer's and commander's patents, letters from Drouyn de Lhuys) and patents (order of Carlos III), diplomatic appointments (L.S. by Friedrich Wilhelm of Hesse 1857, Napoleon III 1859, Friedrich of Baden 1860, Otto of Greece 1859). Notes and memories, pages of his diary (1839-1857, Cairo, London, Athens). Notebooks of his diary (1839-1840, 1840, 1849-1854, London 1859). Notebook of drawings (1851-1858). More than 300 letters to his son Charles (1855-1860 and n.d.); letters to his wife. Letters from London (1849), Madrid (1852), Athens (1859). 9 L.A.S. from LAMARTINE (1851-1855), and letters from Marianne de Lamartine (one from Beirut 6 Oct. 1832). Letters to his sister Louise, Mme de La Chapelle. Correspondence received from relatives and friends. About 100 letters from his son Alphonse (1859-1888), written to his mother and his sister Marguerite, during his travels; university diplomas of Alphonse. Estate of his wife, will, division. Inventory after death. Charles de Montherot (1852-1919) married Fanny Clausse. Album of drawings from his youth and small notebook (1861); 2 notebooks of drawings. Notebooks of poems. Case with his crowned figure. Military papers. Decorations and diplomas (San Marino, Polar Star, Christ of Portugal, etc.). Diploma of the Academy of Macon. Marriage contract 1883 (calligraphy expedition on vellum, bound in blue morocco with gilt crown on the upper cover, lining and endpapers in purple moire). Letters from Noémie de Montherot to her children Charles, Marguerite and Alphonse, and to her sister-in-law Marguerite. Correspondence: childhood letters to her parents; letters to her sister Marguerite (Mme Bonnin de La Bonninière de Beaumont). Postcards of the war 14-18. Important correspondence received from parents, friends, relations (among which Lamartinian scholars : Lanson Séché, Doumic). Business papers; bills; accounts of his wife's estate. Address book. Inventories of property in Garches. Notebook of a trip to America (1878). Memories of Japan (Japanese papers; map of Tokyo in 1876; guidebooks; invitation cards; menus...). Notebook listing his 508 Japanese objects. Will giving Saint-Point to his daughter Hélène. Division of his estate. Marguerite de Montherot (1854-1906, sister of Charles). Correspondence from Valentine de Lamartine to Marguerite de Montherot, 1879-1892 (about 80 letters). 3 notebooks of poems (copies of verses and album amicorum, under case). His marriage contract (1878). Hélène de Montherot (1886-1929, daughter of Charles) married in 1908 Jean de Noblet d'Anglure. Letters to her sister (1907). Letters of Jean de Noblet to his wife (1918-1920). Diplomas. Guestbook with thoughts and signatures of visitors to Saint-Point (centenaries of Romanticism in 1927, of Harmonies in 1930, of Jocelyn in 1836): A. Billy, G. Le Cardonnel, Aug. Dorchain, G. Lecomte, L. Bertrand, H. Bordeaux, etc. Correspondence for the succession of his mother. Inventory after death (1929). Genealogical tree of the family (1986). Provenance : archives of Saint-Point.
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