LECONTE DE LISLE Charles (1818-1894).

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LECONTE DE LISLE Charles (1818-1894).
autograph manuscript, Idylls of Biôn and Moskhos. Tyrteus; notebook of 23 pages in-4 plus cover with autograph title. Translations of three Greek poets. The manuscript, carefully edited, includes successively: Idylls of Biôn [Bion of Smyrna, Greek bucolic poet of the 3rd century B.C.] : I Epitaph of Adônis : "I mourn Adônis. He died the beautiful Adônis"..., II "A young fowler, hunting birds"..., III "The great Kypris appeared to me while I was still sleeping"..., Myrsôn : "it is not appropriate that mortals judge the divine works"..., VII On Hyakinthos : "Uncertainty tormented Phoibos"..., XIV "Beauty is the glory of women"..., XV "Hesperos ! Golden light of the pleasant Aphrodita"... Idylls of Moskhos [disciple of Bion] : I Eros fugitive "Kypris called aloud his son Erôs"..., II Eurôpè "Once, Kypris sent a pleasant dream to Eurôpè"..., III Epitaph of Biôn "Moan with me of a lamentable complaint"...., IV Mêgara, wife of Hèraklès "My mother, why are you afflicted"..., V "When the wind blows softly on the icy sea"..., VI "Pan liked Ekhô, his neighbor"..., VII "Alphéios, beyond Pisa, having penetrated in the sea"... Tyrteus [Spartan poet of the VIIth c. before J.C.] : I "It is beautiful that the brave man, fighting for his fatherland"..., II "Since you are the invincible race of Hèraklès"..., III "For me a man is not worthy of fame"... These translations were published in 1869 by Alphonse Lemerre, with the Orphic Hymns of Hesiod.
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