MALRAUX André (1901-1976). TAPScript with... - Lot 151 - Drouot Estimations

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MALRAUX André (1901-1976). TAPScript with... - Lot 151 - Drouot Estimations
MALRAUX André (1901-1976). TAPScript with autograph additions and corrections, Antimémoires; 737 pages in-4, in 5 black and red cloth binders, with reproductions of the plates and spines of the edition pasted in. Complete typescript of the Antimémoires, abundantly corrected, having served for the composition of the original edition, published in September 1967 by Gallimard. It is known that André Malraux rejected the idea of chronological memoirs, in favor of an evocation where the past blends with the present, and where parts of his destiny emerge during a journey. Malraux gave this copy to his friend the writer Roger STÉPHANE (1919-1994). The edition of the Antimémoires in the "Bibliothèque de la Pléiade" (OEuvres complètes, t. III, Gallimard, 1996) designates it as "the Stéphane manuscript" [the number of pages indicated in the "Pléiade" (728) is due to the omission of the "bis" pages, and a jump in numbering]. A detailed description is given in the "Pléiade" (p. 1146-1150). This typescript corresponds more or less to the text of the first edition, for which it was used as a copy, as the typographical notes of the preparer testify; there will be still some retouching on proofs. It should be noted, however, that the division into five parts was made after this typing: the leaves bearing the Roman numeral and the title of each part ("Les Noyers de l'Altenburg", "Antimémoires", "La Tentation de l'Occident", "La Voie royale" and "La Condition humaine") were typed on a different machine and added later. Consequently, the chapters here are numbered continuously, up to 14 "Singapore"; the later division into sections will later impose a numbering that starts again at each section. The pagination is discontinuous. The original title page, crossed out by the preparer, bears: ANTIMEMOIRES **** Des Rois et des Morts "Des Rois et des Morts" was not retained. The entire typescript is a veritable mosaic of fragments cut and reassembled, or brought back, sometimes simple strips, often with a brief autograph connection, or an autograph addition in blue ballpoint pen, ranging from a few lines to an autograph half-page. Only about sixty leaves are unaltered. Words, sentences or entire lines have been crossed out and then rewritten in blue pencil. Let us quote at random some autograph additions: "No doubt Egypt discovered the unknown in man as the Hindu peasants discover it" (I, 55); a passage on the communists during the dialogue with Nehru (II, 233); "The cut flints instruct us, they do not move us, except as witnesses of human intelligence" (III, 425); "I also think of the arms of the chaplain of the Glières, raised on the stars of Dieulefit: "There are no great people..."" (V, 94). Etc. Provenance : Gift of André Malraux to Roger STÉPHANE.
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