SAND George (1804-1876). 4 L.A.S. "G. Sand",... - Lot 183 - Drouot Estimations

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SAND George (1804-1876). 4 L.A.S. "G. Sand",... - Lot 183 - Drouot Estimations
SAND George (1804-1876). 4 L.A.S. "G. Sand", Nohant [1862- 1869]; 9 pages in-8 with her number, the first 2 letters in blue ink. 3 [October 1862], to Count Antoine d'AURE; directions to come to Nohant with his "child" (his stepdaughter Thérèse Blanc). 27 July 1863, to the Marquis de MISERY, announcing "a happy family event, the birth of a child that my daughter-in-law has given us these days, a healthy and strong boy" [Marc-Antoine Dudevant, born on 14 July, who will die at the age of one]. Then she speaks about the ploughman Aufrère : "prices have increased a lot in our country and ploughmen are becoming as rare as expensive"... June 13, 1867, to Paschal GROUSSET : "I will try to write short, which is difficult for me, but I have a strong desire to help you to found a really literary newspaper"; she is going to come to Paris, "rue des Feuillantines 97". January 3, 1869, to Armand SILVESTRE, about his collection Les Renaissances: "We, we read the verses. They are lyrical, but we do not want you to submit often to the requirements of music. That hinders your rise and this straitjacket must be for the poet only a momentary constraint. - We are waiting for the alexandrines and I will be proud of the dedication"...
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