SAND George (1804-1876).

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SAND George (1804-1876).
autograph manuscript, La Dernière Aldini, [1865]; 192 pages in-4 (27 x 21 cm) in 3 bound books of 60, 73 and 61 pages, in heavy paper covers. Unpublished dramatic adaptation of an 1837 novel. It was in July-August 1865, while she was watching over her dying companion Alexandre Manceau, that Sand wrote this adaptation of her novel La Dernière Aldini, published in December 1837 in the Revue des deux mondes. She finishes writing the play at the end of August. After Dumas fils' advice, she reworked her play "firmly" from December 12 to 29. But La Rounat, the director of the Odéon, refused it in January 1866. On the 4th, Sand noted in her diary: "Letter from La Rounat who does not see any success in the play and who is sorry. And me, after so much work! Is he right or wrong? I do not judge; I take courage". The play was never performed and remained unpublished. The novel tells the story of Lélio, a young fisherman from Chioggia, in love with singing, who becomes a gondolier in Venice, and his love for the signora Bianca Aldini, who, as a widow, thinks of marrying him, but gives up thinking about the future of her daughter Alezia. Ten years later, as a famous tenor at the San Carlo in Naples, Lélio sets Alezia's heart on fire, her mother having remarried Prince Grimani. Alezia, "the last Aldini", will have to renounce this mésalliance, and Lélio will return to his life of artist, not wanting to be "the lover of the mother and the husband of the daughter". The play takes up this fact and these characters. The manuscript is in blue ink, and presents numerous and important erasures and corrections, with passages crossed out, and the trace of important reworkings, with inserted pages, and collages correcting an earlier version. Attached is the manuscript by Alexandre MANCEAU of the play Le Pavé, 1862; 48 pages in a 4-page paperback. This manuscript was elaborated by Manceau after Sand's short story Le Pavé, published in the Revue des Deux Mondes of August 15, 1861, of which numerous printed excerpts were pasted into the manuscript. The play was staged on September 7, 1861 on the small theater of Nohant, and a reworked stage version was created at the Gymnase on March 18, 1862, and published at once by Michel Lévy, and collected in 1864 in the Théâtre de Nohant. The present manuscript, in blue ink, presents variants with the published text of the play, the didascalies being more developed; Manceau has inserted at the beginning a long and meticulous description of the set, as well as a drawing in blue ink of this set. The cover bears this crossed-out mention: "This manuscript, made only for the director, must be returned to Mr. Manceau, as soon as the play is set up or the copy made". Attached is a small notebook (21 x 14,5 cm) with the role of Jean Coqueret, from the printed libretto of the play, with some annotations by Manceau, and the lines of Coqueret circled in red.
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