TINAN Jean de (1874-1898).

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TINAN Jean de (1874-1898).
MANUSCRIT autograph signed "Jean de Tinan", Penses-tu réussir ! or The various loves of my friend Raoul de Vallonges, 1897; [2]- 295 small leaves in-4 (19 x15 cm) written on the recto, mounted on tabs, in a small volume in-4 bound in midnight blue morocco, triple fillet on the boards, spine ribbed underlined by a gilt fillet, very ornate double filleted boards, gilt letters and roulette, double fillet interrupted on the edges, orange morocco lining bordered by a gilt fillet and framed with midnight blue morocco, midnight blue moire endpapers, double marbled paper endpapers (René Aussourd). Complete and unique manuscript of the novel, masterpiece Jean de Tinan. Penses-tu réussir ! was published in 1897 at Mercure de France. The novel was appreciated by Stéphane Mallarmé, who wrote to the author in September: "Your sentimental education strictly limited to the subject, was a book, often seemed to me, to write; however demanding what gifts! a rich sky-of-foundation very literary or even poetic to be possessed initially and to tend, with safety, so that there burst, always in a beautiful medium, your amusing and poignant casualness of feeling so sincere". According to Hubert Juin, Jean de Tinan is "a kind of Musset who would have taken an intimate passion for Laforgue: like the other, he said the evil of his century, by confessing himself raw. [...] The hero of Penses-tu réussir! and Aimienne, Raoul de Vallonges, is Tinan himself, who looks at himself, who tells himself, who is caught in his own trap, who examines himself with detachment and irony; he is the summary and the portrait, too, of those of his generation: Éducation sentimentale, indeed; he is the young Parisian of the end of the century, who takes to task his word to André Lebey: "It is necessary to disguise our sincerities in snobbery"... The manuscript is written in black ink on the front of sheets, without margin, paginated on the back in blue pencil. Many pages are abundantly crossed out and corrected, with corrections, deletions and additions. The manuscript, which bears typographical indications in blue or red pencil, was used for printing and bears annotations by typographers. It includes: a printed title, an autograph title, an autograph dedication sheet to Pierre Louÿs ("I dedicate my first book of studies to my friend Pierre Louÿs as a token of my deep affection T. December 96"), and the 295 numbered pages. The novel is dated at the end: "Montpellier - Montigny sur Loing - Abbaye de Jumièges - Paris November 94 - June, August, December 96". The novel, preceded by a text "Pour servir de Préface" dedicated to Maurice Barrès (p. 1-3), is divided into nine chapters (themselves divided into numbered sequences), each preceded by a title page. - Chapter one, dedicated to André Lebey, De cigares en cigares, "to accustom the reader to my friend Raoul de Vallonges" (p. 4-31); - Chapter two, dedicated to Ferdinand Herold, En façon d'Épithalame pour un mariage manqué, "Où Raoul de Vallonges raconte un de ses amours" (p. 32-83); - Chapter three, dedicated to Ernest La Jeunesse, Soirée perdue et nuit d'amour à la passante, "Where we accompany Raoul de Vallonges on one of the most indecisive evenings of his sensibility" (p. 84-118); - Chapter four, dedicated to Henri Albert, À propos de ...., "to "situate" a little my friend Raoul de Vallonges" (p. 119- 134); - Chapter five, dedicated to Fernand Vanderem, La petite Jeanne pâle, "where Raoul de Vallonges tells another of his loves" (p. 135-186); - Chapter six, dedicated to Jean Lorrain, Origine Grandeur et décadence d'un "Essai sur Cléo de Mérode considérée comme symbole populaire", "pour insister auprès du lecteur sur ce que Vallonges est "littérateur"" (p. 187-209); - Chapter seven, dedicated to Jacques Doucet, Petit emploi du temps, "pour 'situer' encore un peu mon ami Raoul de Vallonges" (p. 210- 218); - Chapter eight, dedicated to Willy, Lettre longue à la Bienaimée..., "Where Raoul de Vallonges tells a third of his loves" (p. 219-279); - Chapter nine, dedicated to Henri de Régnier, La p'tite Sirène de Pont des Arts, "Where we end in allegorical form" (p. 280-292); - Following, the Envoi "to offer this book to Madame X." (p. 293- 295), dated "19 January 97". Pages 121 to 131 of the manuscript, forming two sequences (ii-iii) of the fourth chapter, containing the "Chanson du Moulin Rouge" and "Tristesse traitée au kummel", crossed out with a blue pencil, have remained unpublished; they have been deleted on proofs, Tinan having judged their style too sloppy. A long L.A.S. to Pierre Louÿs, "mon très cher maître", Lund soir [23 February 1897] (5 p. in-4 ), on his books in progress and his projects, and the literary life of the time: Jean Lorrain, H. de Régnier, Heredia, Jarry, Lebey, Mirbeau, Francis Jammes, Sully-Prudhomme, and the "young Marcel Proust" the day after his duel, as well as "these ladies" Heredia.... ; - 2 photographed portraits of the young Marcel Proust.
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