voltaire (1694-1778). L.A.S. "V", Ferney... - Lot 207 - Drouot Estimations

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voltaire (1694-1778). L.A.S. "V", Ferney... - Lot 207 - Drouot Estimations
voltaire (1694-1778). L.A.S. "V", Ferney October 7, 1761, to Cardinal de BERNIS; 4 pages in-4. Very beautiful letter to Cardinal de Bernis, speaking about his work on Corneille. "Monseigneur Blessed be God for making you always love letters; with this taste, a stomach that digests, two hundred thousand pounds of income, and a red hat, one is above all Sovereigns. Put your hand on your conscience; although you bear a beautiful name, and you were born with an elevation of mind, worthy of your birth, it is to letters that you owe your fortune, they are the ones who have made your merit known, they will always make the sweetness of your life. I sometimes imagine in my dreams that you might have indigestion, that you might do as M. le Duc de Villars, Madame la Comtesse d'Harcourt, Madame la Marquise de Mui, etc. etc. etc., who came to see TRONCHIN as one used to go to Epidaurus. I have at the gates of Geneva a hermitage called Les Délices. [...] Finally, my whole ambition is that Your Eminence should have indigestion. That would be pleasant. Why not? Allow me to dream". Then he speaks about his work on the Theatre of Pierre CORNEILLE: "Your reflection Monseigneur on the dedication to the Academy is very right, but imagine that the Academy, far from wanting me to soften the picture of the injustices that Pierre suffered, wants me to charge him, and this injunction is in the margin of the manuscript. One is indignant of a certain protection which one gave to certain insults, etc. etc. Will you allow me to have the honor of sending you the comments on the principal pieces? You undoubtedly have your breviary of St Pierre Corneille. You would judge me and that would amuse you. [...] This work is quite considerable, and transcribing it is very long. In the meantime I ask Your Eminence for the continuation of your kindnesses, but especially the continuation of your philosophy, which alone makes for happiness. Do you not build, do you not plant? Do you have an epistle from me on agriculture? Build my lord, plant, etc. You will taste the joys of paradise"... Correspondence (Pléiade), t. VI, p. 607.
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