voltaire (1694-1778).

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voltaire (1694-1778).
Autograph MANUSCRIT, Precis du livre de Dumarsai qu'il faut refuter; 1 page in-4. Philosophical notes on religion, which appear to be unpublished. These notes are written on the left side of the page. The title "precis du livre de Dumarsai qu'il faut refuter" appears in the right margin of the sheet; it is probably the Examen de la religion attributed to César DUMARSAIS (1676-1756). At the top left, Voltaire noted the name: "Abadie" [the Protestant theologian Jacques ABBADIE (1654-1727), several times taken to task in the Examen important de Milord Bolingbroke (1767)]. "Pourquoy ce qui était permis à Simmaque [Symmaque] ne le serait-il pas aujourd'hui. One wrote against the new sect, one can likewise write against the old sect. The Romans worshipped one god and secondary gods as well as the Christians. They had the same morals. But the Christians brought an absurd metaphysics. It is allowed to find it so. It is a service to mankind to make people think that the pope is not God, that he should not command kings, that a monk should not be a prince, etc." Then he draws up a list: "misteres, all absurd foundations, all ruinous professes, ridiculous miracles, tales. If it were true it would be necessary to have billy goats to support it - examples It has only done harm. It is to its principle that we must attack. You believe in God by Mohammed by Confucius by Numa, and why don't you believe in God by yourself". Provenance : former collection Dubrunfaut.
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