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L.A.S. "Henri", [château du Bosc December 1885], to his paternal grandmother, Mme Raymond-Casimir de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC; 4 pages in-8. Lovely letter to his grandmother. "I am writing to you from Château Bosc, which for the moment is far from resembling that of Sleeping Beauty, given the number of young males frolicking in the long corridors. We all regret that you are not here to preside over this family reunion which is the first one I have attended in a long time. We distract ourselves by photographing the animals and the people, much to the delight of the cook who probably thinks he is very handsome because he is making efforts with his thighs in front of the camera. The weather [...] is chilly, although very clear. We have easily the drop in the nose when we go out and it is the pipe, the horrible pipe which seduces us to make the circle around the hearth that we smoke in row like an exhibition of shouberski (the only stove with wheels, which is found place of the Opera at the unique price of hundred francs) ".... He was about to forget his New Year's wishes: "I hope that they will be as pleasant to you coming out of my bearded mouth as they have been up to now. [...] Your respectful grandson Henri". Correspondence (ed. H. Schimmel), n° 123.
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