Manuscript “Le 1er Manifeste du Surréalisime”, by André Breton
This original manuscript with a very large number of corrections and addenda in André Breton’s serried style is indeed the ground-breaking document of the most significant literary and artistic movement of the 20th century. The manuscript has 21 pages, written in blue ink. It opens with a title page bearing the cover of the original edition cut out and pasted, with the mention
“Manuscrit” in André Breton’s hand, in red. A very large number of corrections and addenda. The first word “Preface” featuring in the manuscript is crossed out. André Breton chose as the title “Manifeste du Surréalisme” and in this choice it was his intent to draw up a report of the sessions of slumber, hypnosis and automatic writing carried out with his Surrealist companions from 1919 on, and thus define the theoretical principles meant to govern Surrealist writing. This extremely rare complete manuscript was the one used to print the “Manifeste du Surréalisme”. The work was published in October 1924 by Simon Kra at Editions du Sagittaire.
“Le 1er manifeste du surrealisme” is being presented with:
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