MAZARIN Jules (1602-1661) cardinal et homme d'Etat.

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MAZARIN Jules (1602-1661) cardinal et homme d'Etat.
L.A.S. "Le Cardl Mazarini" (the beginning of the letter is dictated to a secretary), Saint-Jean de Luz 18 August 1659, to Mme de VENEL, La Rochelle; 2 pages and a half in-4, address with red wax seals (broken). A curious letter to the governess of his nieces, written a few days after starting the negotiations for the Peace of the Pyrenees, and while he is very irritated by the passion between his niece Marie Mancini and the young Louis XIV. He already knew that the Queen would write to him to take his nieces to Saint-Jean d'Angély, and His Majesty could freely dispose of everything that was his. "You are asking me that my nieces have written very civil letters to Me the Princess of CONTY and Me the Countess of SOISSONS, but you do not tell me that they wrote this great letter the day before their departure from La Rochelle, because you think that I have made them quite connoisseurs and that they should not delay a moment in doing so civility, but my niesse [MARIE MANCINI] is better at driving than moy, and mercy god has too much spirit to be able to resolve to defeat anyone's council. I see with great displeasure that Hortense is dragging Hortense into all these resolutions, but I am not surprised because my denial will have persuaded him that by complying with his will, he will make him have a great fortune, and Hortense, who is still a child, must believe this as a gospel. I am told by the Court that she and her sister not only have not visited the Pe de Conty and the Countess who invited them to dinner, but that they have not spoken to her, see if this is good and if they are not right those who make fun of her. I promise you that the Court is scandalized by it, and that it is annoying that my nesses by their bad conduct make it subject to everyone to make comedies to their despens. I will be delighted to know what Mary thinks, and if with all the flirtations that the oroscope-makers do, she does not fear that she has taken the most unhap
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