MIRABEAU Victor de Riquetti, marquis de (1715-1789) economiste, « l'Ami des hommes », pere du grand orateur de la Revolution.

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MIRABEAU Victor de Riquetti, marquis de (1715-1789) economiste, « l'Ami des hommes », pere du grand orateur de la Revolution.
L.A.S. "Mirabeau", Paris 18 April 1774, to the knight of GASSAUD at Manosque; 2 and a half pages in-4, address with fragment of red wax stamp (repair to address sheet). Violent letter against his son. Mirabeau, harassed by creditors, had to obey a letter of seal obtained by his father who forced him to reside in Manosque; he found asylum with his young wife at the home of M. de Gassaud. One will measure in this letter from "L'Ami des Hommes" how severe he was with his son]. He is angry at the embarrassment his son is causing Mr. de Gassaud... He is angry at the embarrassment that his son causes to M. de Gassaud... "he does not want to think that we could not find a lodging of any kind first of all and I did not want it good; because finally Mister or it is necessary to despair has never of this head there, or without losing it, and sparing on the contrary all the means to save it it is necessary to fracture it by the amply deserved effects of the public and private severity and to make revolution in this windmill has wind of pride. In this plan, Mr. unshakeable tenderness and sweet participation in his alleged misfortunes, but very real for his respectable wife, your company and the wise participation that you are willing to take in his fate, are emollients that can, God willing, melt his heart and bring his head back. He hopes to obtain for his son a lodging at the castle's bailiwick, and speaks of the "immense maze of verification and liquidation of this foolish man's debts [...].You will confess to me that in a state of defiance where he has put everyone on his extravagant enterprises, cutting down pine trees, selling lime kilns and especially the poor braid of an old family bed, called from father to son the beautiful bed [...] are facts that can make a man who lives in a loan house [...] capable of anything believe. At first I didn't think I had to postpone preventing him from losing himself completely in details of insult and insanity".
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