SIMON Jules (1814-1896) homme politique, ministre et ecrivain.

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SIMON Jules (1814-1896) homme politique, ministre et ecrivain.
2 L.A.S. "Jules Simon", [1861-1875], to a friend; 2 pages and a half in-8 each. [1861]. Curious letter about the biennial prize of the Académie Française [created by Napoleon III by decree of August 11, 1859 and endowed with 20,000 F, it was to reward the work "most likely to honor or serve the country, published in the last ten years"; the Academy was divided between supporters of George SAND and Jules Simon, before giving the prize to Thiers]. He does not count on Nisard's vote, and gives his calculations on the votes that will go to himself, to George SAND or to Henri MARTIN; thanks to Lemoine, he may have the majority by winning those of Ponsard, Sandeau and Sainte-Beuve . He evokes a "new machine" by Victor COUSIN to make THIERS offer the prize, and finishes by giving the program of an extraordinary representation of Mrs VIARDOT... Late 1875]. On his election to the French Academy [December 16, 1875 in the chair of Rémusat]. As there are two seats to be filled (Rémusat and Guizot), he no longer has to compete with another candidate, and Mignet, Thiers and Cuvillier-Fleury will vote for him, as well as Doucet, Nisard and Sacy... "I am very grateful to Mr. Alexandre Dumas for the cordiality with which he has welcomed my candidacy; I have not found more goodwill among my oldest friends, and as I have adversaries who are masters in the art of slander and intrigue, I need to be supported... 9 L.A.S. is attached to various, 1867-1893.
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